Welcome to Bookilu's Uproar

 “There is nothing stable in the world; uproar’s your only music.” – John Keats 

It’s the first week in January and the start of Bookilu! All I can think about is change. We are leaving so much behind as we shift into this New Year. I can’t help but reflect on the hours spent doom-scrolling last year and ponder what needs to be left behind to create space for newness.

Bookilu has been unwittingly born into a theme of uproar. As we all know, these last too many months have created and illuminated the need for change in so many meaningful and painful ways. This year, and with this new project, I hope to find the positives – the joy – in the demands of these changes.

To be in a state of uproar can hold so many contradictory connotations, no? To me, the word holds only good things. To me, uproar is about positive change, joyful distraction, death/rebirth and delight.

And so… that is what you can expect to find within our four featured books over the next two months. We’ll feature fiction, poetry, non-fiction and a picture book all focused on these thoughts. Stay tuned for the details over the next several weeks.

Sitting in this newness and curiosity of January, it’s with a hopeful heart that I launch this blog. I can’t wait to explore the words that move us into whatever comes next. Over the next couple of months, I invite you to explore the idea of uproar and let us know what you find. Please share what you discover!

Thank you for being here.

With respect and kindness,

-Candice Suchocki Weir